Underbody protection for Volvo XC70

The underbody protection perfectly fitting for the Volvo XC70 Type P2 or P24

The Volvo XC70, with its raised suspension and all-wheel drive, is ideal for off-road driving or overlanding. This is particularly true if the journey is to take place off paved roads. To protect both first and second-generation vehicles from external influences, a suitable underbody protection is recommended that adequately protects the drivetrain and the attachments installed there. This protection is available for the P2 and P24 types and provides sufficient protection for the engine and transmission and is suitable for all engine configurations of the vehicle type. Depending on the design, steel with two or three millimeters of thickness is used to adequately protect the aggregates from damage and loss of value due to external influences. Special emphasis was placed on simple installation and low weight during manufacturing, in addition to robustness.

Underbody protection for all engine configurations of the Volvo XC70

Despite being made of pressed steel up to three millimeters thick, the underbody protection is not excessively heavy, which ensures easy installation and a not too high additional fuel consumption. It offers the following advantages:

  • Complete installation kit for easy and secure fastening
  • High-quality powder coating for long-term durability even under difficult conditions
  • Engine and transmission are always adequately protected
  • Use of original mounting points for secure screw connection
  • Easy installation with included instructions
  • One-piece design for easy installation and removal
  • No need for registration in vehicle documents

Choosing the appropriate underbody protection for your vehicle

This category includes the appropriate underbody protection for the Volvo XC70 of both generations for the engine and transmission. Also available are suitable protective components for other vehicle types or brands. This ensures the preservation of value for all common vehicles from Volvo or other manufacturers, always with a focus on lightweight and secure installation and high-quality design.