Audi - Steel Underbody Protection

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The underbody of your Audi is exposed to strong stress during driving. Water, dirt, mud, and objects on the road are stirred up by the driving wind and tires. A considerable amount of these materials can end up on the gearbox and engine of your vehicle, causing damage over time. With a steel underbody protection for the engine and gearbox of your Audi, you can efficiently prevent this. At Hexprotect, you can get suitable underbody protections that have been precisely designed to fit a variety of current and older Audi models. They can be easily mounted without modifications and effectively protect both the underbody and functional components of your vehicle.

These are the benefits of an underbody protection for your Audi car from Hexprotect

With an underbody protection from Hexprotect for your Audi, you permanently protect the underbody of your car against all unwanted influences. These include, for example, water, dust, dirt, snow slush, and especially road salt, which could favor corrosion. In this way, damage due to mechanical influences or chemical reactions on metal parts and electrical components can be avoided. This can help increase the lifespan of the engine and gearbox, among other things. Furthermore, an underbody protection reduces noise while driving and retains the hot air flow generated during combustion in the engine. Especially in winter, this allows the vehicle to warm up faster, which increases the lifespan and reduces fuel consumption.

The Hexprotect Steel Underbody Protection®: precisely made for your Audi

All underbody protections for Audi vehicles available from us were developed specifically for the respective model. They are precisely tailored and can be mounted and removed from your vehicle with a few simple steps. If you need more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us and let us advise you.