Why do I need an underbody protection?

Why do I need an underbody protection?


Your vehicle is at risk when driving off-road. Rocks and debris can damage vital components, and driving on uneven terrain can cause damage to the parts closest to the ground, such as the oil pan and differential. This damage could lead to costly repairs and, in some cases, even end your journey. Installing a steel undercarriage protection not only provides a sense of security but also effectively protects your vehicle from damage.

Manufacturers often do not provide protection measures, and factory-installed underbody covers made of thin plastic or fiberglass do not provide adequate protection against damage. Although it would be easy for manufacturers to deliver vehicles with an effective protection made of thick steel sheet, they usually opt-out due to the cost pressures and because many buyers are unaware of the importance of this feature.

An undercarriage protection made of solid steel sheet makes sense not only off-road but also on paved roads, especially during winter when the roads become icy, and it's easy to skid and hit a curb or other obstacles. Protecting your vehicle from debris and salt also helps prevent corrosion and thus improves its longevity and resale value. An undercarriage protection also improves aerodynamics, reducing air resistance, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions.

You can easily install an undercarriage protection as it is delivered with all the necessary parts, and you can attach it to the original mounting points of your vehicle. The plates are usually made of two to three-millimeter-thick steel sheet and fit perfectly, offering excellent protection against expensive repairs.

Even if your car is not brand new, investing in an undercarriage protection is worthwhile since the relatively low cost of installation can save you significant repair costs in the future.