Underbody protection for vehicles from renowned car manufacturers by Hexprotect Unterfahrschutz®

The company Hexprotect Unterfahrschutz® offers underbody protection plates for vehicles to its customers. The plates protect the underbody of a vehicle so that it is not damaged upon contact with the ground. Sensible components are located in the underbody of a vehicle which significantly impair the use of the vehicle if they are damaged.

Car Brands and Models

Skid plates are cut to size for each vehicle model of a particular brand. The company produces protection plates for well-known car brands such as KIA, VW, Volvo, and others. The motor, oil pan, and transmission are protected by an underbody plate. Not all vehicle models are equipped with a steel underplate by the car manufacturer.

Car owners who want to prevent the underbody from receiving increased underbody resistance can order an underbody plate. The company manufactures the steel plates on order for each individual vehicle.

Company headquarters in Romania

(German owners)

Founded in 2010, the company specializes in underbody protection and steel protection plates and is based in Mugeni, Romania. The online shop is available in german and english language, with german and english language support and detailed advice on the offered underbody protection plates.

Online sales of products

Customers in Germany purchase underbody plates online to protect their vehicles and install them independently on the underbody. If there are any questions about the installation, buyers can contact the shop's support team. Hexprotect allows customers to create an account online through which they can manage their orders.


The company offers steel oil pan and transmission protection for almost all types of vehicles.


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